Welcome to the world of tell your tale.

They say that clothing is all about being fancy. But at Bunga Tunga, we don’t perceive it that way. We believe that every child has their own unique tale that is resembled in what they are wearing. Therefore, we believe that it's not about a piece of clothing – it's about the character, personality, the optimism and so on that a child carries.

 This spirit of a child is the reason for the foundation of what we call "tell your tale". Tell your tale - is the story about children, their thoughts, the small things that they say so innocently, so spontaneously and how they inspire people like us around them. It's about how these little ones, with a sparkle in their eyes, naughtiness in their talks and dreams in their hearts, think of doing something, and if pushed in the right direction, how they turn out to be a inspiration for everyone else.

 Through the universe of Tell Your Tale we express our admiration for kids who proudly carry their thoughts and tell their stories to us.

 Welcome to the universe of Tell Your Tale.